Book Review

The Blue Door by Alice White

I recommend this book to readers of a gentle disposition.

The Blue Door begins with fairy tale magic and an enticing, chaste romance, mingled with anachronistic juxtapositions.
Katie steps off a London street, through a blue door, and enters a house of mysterious historical conundrums.
Soon after meeting, Katie and her new lover Xavier leave his home through the blue door, and enter an epic, hellish battle.
Alice White conjures up fascinating, vivid images from different times with a naïve charm. I didn’t read the storefront and so found myself categorising this work without pre-judgement. To me this is a work of fantasy rather than sci-fi even though it features time travel. Major occurrences go unexplained amid the adventures, so it probably wouldn’t suit hard sci-fi fans. It is a book to relax into, to take time with and possibly best suited to girls