Book Review

Electric: The Beginning by Carly Compass

too much daily detail for me but many will love this

Gina is an excessively hard-working, devoted young mother in a new neighbourhood. Eager to be part of the community, she works her way into the PTA and tries to help people. By Chapter 8 we’ve had every detail of this perfect woman’s life and little else until she hears a tape of her new boss Vladimir Electric’s birthday, ending with his daughter’s voice saying, ‘I hate you, daddy.’ Gina is too busy in her daily life to analyse it. 43% in, Gina is possibly mysteriously ill but again too busy to think about it. Soon after that I had the impression that Vladimir is trying to groom her. Following that there are pages and pages of daily life concerning her hard work, universal consideration for all others and her dysfunctional extended family. I was 51% in when the next curious thing occurred: Vladimir began going to work in the evenings when Gina did that to avoid him. We then get a few sparse hints at Vladimir’s dark side but mostly it’s a minute by minute account of Gina’s daily life, right down to giving us some recipes. I expect in the next book to discover why Gina works so very hard to make a perfect life for her children. I’m eager to know what Vladimir’s up to and I’d like to know what happens to Gina but that will have to wait until I have the time to relax with this kind of book.