Book Review



Prime Suspect by Lynda La Plante

If I hadn’t made a point of picking something by a popular author I’d have abandoned this book at 9% due to the poor quality of writing. Though hackneyed and boring, I’d paid for it, so I persevered. At 20%, and trying to ignore the trite feminism, I was relieved to find some interest in Tennison taking on the murder case. Also, the writing style reached an average level. By 59% it had sunk to painfully dull again with cliched phrases emphasizing gender bias grated on my nerves. This time I didn’t give up because I hoped for a twist. There was nothing to make me care about any of the characters and there was no twist. If Tennsion is supposed to be a cleverly flawed champion of women’s rights this failed for me. As an unpleasant harridan she made no point of interest. I won’t be reading anything else by Lynda La Plante.