Book Review

Book Review 5 stars

Wonderful atmosphere and unique angle.

Chatelaine of the Guild – Queen Victoria’s Magicians 1 by James Odell

I don’t normally enjoy fantasy and began reading a copy of this purely to check its suitability for a thirteen-year-old. And I loved it.
Besides the appeal of an unusual angle on fantasy, Odell writes a compelling account of major historical events in Victorian London. I found the balanced view of the Chartists particularly welcome. I’d be pleased for any teen to be encouraged to consider the pros and cons of hereditary power as they will do within the entertainment of this engrossing story. All social classes are realistically included in the novel which features above all, magic, with a guild of magicians employed by the government and whose skill is appreciated by Queen Victoria.
There are excellent descriptions throughout, of Victorian London, décor, fashion and social style. Even the pleasant humour is at just the right level.
Of a hundred reviews this is only the seventh I have felt deserving of my coveted 5 stars. I recommend it very highly for ages thirteen to early twenties.