Book Review

Warzone: Nemesis by Morris E Graham

If, like me, you find the beginning of this book a little confusing, keep reading. All becomes clear.
Graham takes us through clearly marked decades involving ‘the truth’ about the space race with the two real-life superpowers, fascinating insight of Navajo culture, an arms race for an alien alloy (of which more is found on the moon and other planets) and the American hero arising from the Vietnam war.
The story is presented in an interesting style including dispatches, news headlines and memorandums, from both the American and the Soviet points of view. The narrative becomes first person at times with the main character’s name and rank changing as it progresses.
The hero’s first Soviet enemy is shown to be merely loyal to his country but following dark drama I won’t spoil for future readers, is replaced by our hero’s nemesis, culminating in the best fight I’ve ever read.
There are hour by hour battle tactics, ferocious conflict with good descriptions for conditions on the moon and Mars, and snipers. There are: loyalty and loss, revenge, in-depth relationships, clever parallels brought back in, secrets, suffering, astrophysics, science and engineering. That’s a lot of stuff to enjoy.