Book Review: Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews

This will be a good read for some.

I first read this book in my twenties and loved it. I’d have given it five stars then. I could appreciate the subtle psychology of the desperate relationships between siblings whose world falls into abusive treatment following the death of their much-loved father.
Some three decades later, I now feel that the incestuous relationship is sensationalistic, the cruel grandmother almost in the realms of fantasy and the dim mother aggravating.
However, I don’t want to put anyone off reading this book. I think it will appeal to most female, young adults who can grasp the intricacies of the psychological trials or to those who simple want a little light, easy to read, scandal. Also, I’m afraid the twist at the end was no great surprise even on my first reading, so don’t hold your breath for a mystery. Just enjoy it for what it is.