Cacodaemus: A Guy Edrich Story

Cacodaemus: A Guy Edrich Story


A tale told in dual narrative.


As a child, I held a concept of another, a non-corporeal life which, as an adult, I could no longer perceive.

When I was left as the only willing defender of the human race, I began to grasp the concept of Parfait. I was hit by a tidal wave. A torrent of fluid motion I had no name for. It was beyond vocabulary.

The Parfaits had risen to a state of existence outside of the time and space of most realms. Add uncharacteristic negative appetites to that and you get Cacodaemus.


‘There are millions of them all over the world.’

‘No way,’ I breathed.

‘Oh yes!’ she grinned, ‘millions! Can you imagine the mayhem they’re causing? People will be hunted, mutilated and killed by demons. Eventually a small human population will survive, hidden from the prowling devils. And we will come out of hiding to claim our slaves.’

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