Dual Narration

A dual narrative can enrich the reader’s experience in the expression of two different views of the same event. Here the writer must maintain a careful balance of keeping the reader equally eager to follow each point of view smoothly. One application might be in an extreme event such as a killing. The views and beliefs of the first could express support of the killer whilst the second is appalled by it. I don’t usually write murder mysteries but I do use multi- and dual- narration and now have a hankering to expand on this idea in a crime novel. In a way, my dual narrative in Cacodaemus, though speculative fiction, is along these lines, dealing with complex issues of good and evil, and life and death, as it does.


John for Everyone Part 1 by Tom Wright

Pleasant and insightful

Tom Wright discusses chapters 1-10 of John’s Gospel

I enjoyed reading one of these accounts each day and have eagerly purchased Part 2.

The writer’s use of personal experiences was for me both entertaining and illustrative, of the Gospel narrative. I particularly enjoyed Wright’s insights into this Gospel writer’s experience of life and the times in which he lived.

I suspect this guide could be too simplistic for some scholars but it was just right for someone who has read this gospel, and discussed it a number of times, but now realizes they have not understood John and his message so well as they thought.


Quotes from the best novel I’ve read in years. This book is amusing with a serious message. These quotes are from the serious message aspect, but you could simply enjoy the story.

Answers from Alyce by Mistral Dawn

“The corporations that run our government find it more profitable to form monopolies, so people don’t have any choice beyond purchasing from them or not purchasing at all.”

I’ve been trying to remember what happened to the Monopolies Commission in the UK.

Next, Alyce is required to explain a dramatic setting to her abductor.

“Educated people are often portrayed in such propaganda as people who are cold, socially awkward, detached from and unsympathetic towards the problems of ‘real people’, and impractical.”

“This type of propaganda makes some people, mostly those who aren’t well-educated themselves, distrust education and those who have it. And it dissuades them from trying to educate themselves.”

Quote from Answers from Alyce by Mistral Dawn

Quotes from the best novel I’ve read in years. This book is amusing with a serious message. These quotes are from the serious message aspect, but you could simply enjoy the story.

“Why is everything in your society given to caveats and conditions?’

“A ‘wallet biopsy’ is when a doctor in a hospital focuses on a patient’s financial condition instead of their medical condition.”

We in the UK would do well to take notice of this in view of the possibility of American insurance companies buying into our National Health Service.


Four Gospels, One Jesus by Richard A. Burridge

A wonderful study, superbly executed.

Burridge places the gospels in the time of their writing. He expertly discusses the four styles, along with their individual symbolism, whilst making his academic work accessible to all. To achieve this he employs comparison with a modern, familiar subject. By so doing, he unites all four gospels in a manner that anyone can understand. Very highly recommended.


Quote from Habiatat by Vanda M Denton

Casually, unfazed by knowing they disliked this part of his job, Dominic walked over to hold out his hand to the nearest calligrapher. She frowned in irritation but made no comment as she handed over her two neat sheets of writing. Dominic took no chances; not even amongst these honest, placid people. He read every word, checking for hidden messages. He found only an extract of a play he recognised as an old classic: The Merry Wives of Windsor. As always he was courteous. He handed it back with a smile and a thankyou before moving on to the man next to Isla who seemed to be hastening his clearing away. Again when he held out his hand he was greeted with a frown and reluctance with handing over the script. Once more Dominic studied the text with care. These were words he hadn’t read before, including in the latest briefing for new literature passed for publication.
‘What is this?’
The man took a breath, ‘It’s a simple story for children struggling with their reading.’
Dominic glanced around. One or two had stopped to watch, a couple nudged others to keep their attention away from the scene but most were supremely unaware of the drama as they continued to pack their work and materials away.
‘Stop,’ he called to all. ‘Put all papers on your desks and stand by them.’
Gleaming eyes surveying the scene told all the writers that this Keeper would be missing no infringements and that included the mildest disobedience right now.
Dominic read the new words. It was a brief story about a sower of seeds and how they will set down roots and flourish only in good, well-prepared soil.
His posture demanded eye-contact with the writer of those words. ‘This has not been passed for publication.’

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Book Reviews

Hearing the Voice of God by David Chadwick 3*

OK in parts.

At times I found Chadwick’s interpretation too simplistic rather than pleasant and easy to read. He made some points I really could not agree with but in other places I found myself enjoying his take on John’s Gospel.

Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges


A pleasant, relaxing read concerning the free gift of God’s grace.


from DCZ: Designated Conservation Zone

Blackfriars Bridge was gridlocked … It seemed as though everyone had been on the opposite side of the Thames that they wanted to be. People were in their vehicles leaning on horns, out of their cars yelling and inside trembling as they listened to that same message over the radio.
As the traffic crept into Upper Thames Street I began racking my brain for a safe place to leave the car so that I could take the Millenium Bridge.

Thrilling, eco-fiction in multi-narrative

Who, and what, is Gaia?


The Vinctalin Legacy Book 6

Zan stood, straight back to his face, and told him, “It is your laws that are a disgrace. In his society I would never have been abandoned to the likes of Roc, by my own people.”
Then she turned to look him dead in the eye, so that she could finally offload a little of the heaviness in her heart.
“When I first saw you on Tarin’s ship, gliding around with that superior attitude, I put a face to what had hitherto been an abstract object of hate. But then the longer I watched you the more I thought about what you were, and what your cronies had done to me. And my hatred grew. Until now I thought that hatred had attained a natural limit. I thought my whole being was full of it. Yet I was wrong. Because my loathing just reached new heights.”

The Vinctalin Legacy

The Vinctalin Legacy: Survival, Book 1 Harvest by Vanda Denton

Any other authors out there re-reading their earlier work?

I wrote my first book after I’d watched Star Trek and Stargate so many times I could quote the scripts. At that time I could find nothing comparable to take their place. So I began writing my own very different tale. Unlike my favourite TV shows The Vinctalin Legacy Book 1 is an alien invasion story. I had no plans then, that it would be the first in a fifteen-part series. I’d love to hear from anyone else, any genre, who unintentionally began writing a long series of books.

Survival: Harvest
They awake to the grisly sight of alien invaders silently, methodically collecting the bodies of their victims.
When forced into a life of slavery three desperate heroes stand out as leaders.
With courage, determination and ingenuity they launch a daring counter-attack and against all the odds, emerge victorious, only to discover their masters also were in bondage.

An overview of the fifteen-part series is written in logs by the characters, on this website. There are no spoilers.