Vinctalin Legacy: Legacy

Character logs from the Vinctalin Legacy: Legacy

Log of Vesenlassa spitfire
The Dex alliance is trying to crawl out of its pit at last. No surprise there. I have a variety of weapons that would see an end to them once and for all but my new lover has persuaded me that killing them could concern me more than it might them. I hope I haven’t made a mistake in this aspect of my trust. In all other aspects of Zak Booker I have no doubts whatever. He is a passionate lover, a supreme warrior and a man of inspiring intelligence. I am enjoying him enormously.

Log of Isaac Booker, leader of the Fellens
The exquisite lace forming the frills in my fine pink shirt was made by a gorgeously nimble woman who had occasionally united with me in our adult resort. Though she learned to enjoy total abandon under my tutelage she lacked the innate deep desires of the woman who wove and stitched these flattering purple velvet breeches. These garments provide intense pleasure as much for the enjoyment of shared love, as for the art and skill. However, for pure dexterity, eye for colour and texture and for the love of his art, I fear I will wear Zola’s boots until they can no longer be re-soled. I comfort myself with the memories of my fellows and luxurious hot springs so deeply missed and with Vesen’s ardent physical love. Oh my heart! She is as voluptuous, as beautiful and as daring as legend tells but in time I fear that even she will be unable to relieve the agony of unrequited love gaining governance of my heart. A sound sparring tournament might sooth my spirit but here in Cam I would fear greatly the damage I might inflict even though I would challenge five at a time. I don’t think I could bear to be the cause of serious injury to another human being, familiar though we Fellens are with the blows of the sparring pole.

Log of Athan – rep for the Wiljalams
Our leader Jay, being too busy with the task of maintaining surveillance and planning the future of the populated world, requested I represent the Wiljalams in this defence committee. Our spies have confirmed a Dexian insurgency into Bifield territory. Isaac Booker has finally unearthed the fifteen (paper) volumes of The Vinctalin Legacy and my normal work as a translator will provide excellent cover for my presence in Cam. Better than that, it is hoped that through those valuable texts I will become fluent in Classic English and so prove the true history to all non-believers. All doubt concerning the loss of water that left us in this arid wasteland will be removed. The Dexians will come to know that these present harsh conditions are the result of an alien invasion and they will venerate the heroes who saved us, just as we do. It follows logically then, that they too will select a hero and faithfully support his or her pacifist lifestyle. I will work diligently to aid them in the choice of suitable inspiration.

Log of Flower Shakespeare, Alexandrian Brotherhood (leader)
Isaac Booker, the charismatic, to say nothing of notorious leader of the Fellens and famed archaeologist has finally discovered the original five books of The Vinctalin Legacy that will prove the contested oral history of the alien invasion which otherwise remains unrecorded in my documents. Over the generations we have passed on our history through a strict and precise tradition of recitation. Unfortunately the Shakespeare I pass on to the next generation remains in Ancient English which we are currently unable to translate. I can describe one hundred flowers that grew in England prior to the invasion. These I was taught in modern interlang and there is no record of when my lines were translated from the Classic English. As a result of intel from both the Bifields and the Wiljalams I have called together a defence committee. It is now our intention to disperse the Dex Alliance by stealth. We will begin by offering good homes to the women and children seeking refuge from their violent patriarchs. We will then offer all they need to those willing to live in peace. I reluctantly agree that many Dexians will not comply with the requirements of my alliance and I am willing to take advisement on a solution that will avoid the disruption of our wholly peaceful, modern world.

Log of Ben of the Stanzini
Isaac Booker, the poncy fucking leader of the hedonistic bastard Fellens has suggested there is something unsavoury about our traditional use of the Classic English words handed down to us by Stanzi. It adds colour to our boring bloody interlang so who gives a flying fuck? Anyway our tradition holds that Stanzi is a mythological hero so I don’t reckon Booker’s literal translations should have any buggering impact on our lives now. As if it matters anyway, when you put it into perspective with our present situation. For five millennia humankind has yearned to know the nature of the cataclysmic event that left the world a sparsely populated desert. Most sects follow a variety of crackpot beliefs associated with heroes that were supposed to have seen off an alien invasion. The only other non-believers, the thirst-crazed Dex Alliance, wouldn’t accept total pacifism like our ancestors did. Over the generations they were forced to live in ever more difficult conditions. But rather than conform and seek help that would be freely given they are sticking to their bloody awful tradition of taking what they want. Something about their foul bastard lifestyle has led them to commit atrocities way beyond my imagination and believe me, I’ve got a fucking good imagination.