Multiple Narration

I’m having fun with multiple narration:
In Following Meltdown the protagonist and chief narrator is a survival expert who leads a small group out of an increasingly anarchic, dystopian urban environment into the wild countryside where they can become trappers and collectors.
He unwittingly brings them into contact with an unreliable character, also a narrator, who once lived on the fringes of a secret cultus with followers from the super-rich of modern-day society, led by one who believes himself to be greater than human.
Another narrator, an inadequate though loving father, unable to provide for his family views the man who is saving them through eyes of bitterness and jealousy. His son’s narrative opens the story with a violent scene in which his teacher is being killed by his disturbed classmates, while his daughter’s narrative expresses her reasons for falling prey to the dangerous character brought into their group. She is psychologically oblivious of the torture she inflicts on the person she feels to have failed her most grievously.