Multiple narration with unreliable narrators

Multiple narration with unreliable narrators.

In Following Meltdown I have used multiple narrators with two of them being to some extent, unreliable. This is a dystopian, apocryphal tale which by the nature of the genre, has traumatised characters.
One of my unreliable narrators is a weak man with an outward self-image of being both clever and, prior to the disasters, socially important. Tragic circumstances force him to face the reality of his personality and successive global catastrophes have him narrowing his thoughts, hopes and plans to such a degree that the reader cannot be sure they’re being presented with an account other characters would recognise.
The second unreliable narrator is one taking advantage of such characters. The reader cannot, at first, be aware of the duplicity of a man with very little conscience, whose aim develops into a new, huge ambition: to oust the person only he knows is in the process of taking supreme power in a decimated world. Personal tragedies lay in his wake. The reader has a need to see justice of some kind, being brought to bear.