multiple narration

On a personal note:

The Vinctalin Legacy Survival: Book 1 Harvest, was my first foray into writing. This and the two following volumes of Survival: Book 2 Sacrifice and Book 3 Spawning, have been revised and re-published. Harvest required two revisions and the others just one. Thus, I learnt to take more care.
By the end of the series I was ready for something new. I hadn’t heard of, or read, anything with a multiple narrative at the time of my ‘brainwave’ that resulted in Following Meltdown. As they say: there’s nothing new.
I had the main story mapped out in my head but I wanted to give voice to other characters besides the chief protagonist: a reluctant hero named Gabriel Harrington.
My vision began in the dystopian suburbs of a town brought to its knees by successive global disasters.
I began from the point of view of Nathan, a teenager in school who writes of his determination to keep the details of the dire circumstances of school life secret from his mother. Her early narratives express how well Nathan kept this secret, until the day his class turned on their teacher, killing him.
Later in the book Nathan’s sister writes passages telling the reader obliquely of her desperation. The reader becomes aware that only one character understands her difficulties and that she has no understanding of how he is using that knowledge. (This man can be regarded as an unreliable narrator. The subject of some posts I intend to write as soon as pos.) For Joanna, this culminates in a breakdown in which she is the one committing atrocious crimes. And so on.
Plotting was a nightmare but the writing of Following Meltdown was a dream. You can go to OURBOOKS for more about this book, peak inside at Amazon or sample on Kindle. It is also available from Barnes and Noble and in all eBook formats.