multiple narrative

Theme of multiple narration continued: For the third Vinctalin Legacy Log click on OURBOOKS to get the dropdown menu. Hover on The Vinctalin Legacy and then go across to click on VSERIES. Scroll Down to Caroline Lambeth.

Caroline continues the story in her own words, for The Vinctalin Legacy: The Ovinka. These are Book 7 Zondex, Book 8 The Message and Book 9 Veekeren.

Caroline’s faith was in the alien slave Emperor, Pakow Lam Fellen, who amassed an army of his own, brought back from an allied attack on the Vinctalin home system. He also constructed a planetary defence system around the earth.

Amongst the liberated slaves of the Vinctalin were two further emperors who regarded themselves as equals to Fellen. One of them was foolish enough to believe he could trade with the Vinctalin. His message to them had horrendous consequences.

Jonathan’s diplomatic skills once again proved as valuable as anyone’s army.