Pagan: The Rise of the Haliorunnae by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

This first Pagan book is a story of ancient genetics, parallel evolution, hive minds and a clandestine bid to take over the human world.

Set in the present day, humanity is unwittingly approaching an apocalypse. The vast majority of people are unaware of the existence of a mysterious century’s old war broiling and bubbling beneath the surface. Within the world’s societies are ancient families pursuing a quest the exact nature of which has been lost even to them. Jean-Louis Rusch and Ruby Dean know only that an evil lurks at the heart of some of the most ordinary businesses around the world. There is talk of witches, ghosts and demons but with no real concept of their enemy they are referred to only as ‘them’.

Rusch is forced to accept what Ruby has tried to tell him: he was created for the purpose of defeating their enemy. And those who made him, expecting to control him, find that they made him too well.

Pagan: The Trials of the Haliorunnae by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

This Pagan novel is a sequel to The Rise of the Haliorunnae. It has themes of witchcraft, Christian knights, rioting and mob justice with violent consequences.

Jean-Louis Rusch has financial control of the world. Humans, ignorant of the existence of the haliorunnae, are trying to understand how their standard of living has nose-dived.

On being challenged for his power the King of the Haliorunnae approaches a secret order of knights whose ultimate purpose is to aid in a future, much bigger fight. However, Louis rightly judges that their courageous Marshal must aid in his cause in order for the knights to continue in any meaningful quest of their own.

In the midst of attempting to court the woman he was betrothed to as a child, and who he has managed to avoid for some years, the Marshal finds himself up against an enemy unlike any he could have imagined.