Quote from DCZ

Helen found her voice, ‘Do you know anything about the satellite system they claim to be using?’
I said, ‘A bit. It was supposed to have been decommissioned.’
Her eyes narrowed. She knew me well.
‘You believe them.’
Isobel said, ‘You really believe they could keep a huge thing like that going in secret?’
‘Classified military, unacknowledged by the government, even military personnel and certainly defence contractors,’ the details slipped from my tongue. I’d speculated, reported on and written books about such things over the years. I can’t pretend I had doubted the official line at the time: Star Wars had become an expensive white elephant. It was an embarrassment. It had been scrapped. That had been my unwavering belief. But what if those scientists who were way smarter than any politician, had continued the work on the SDI as a black project for the U.S. DOD and then, from that special position, set up a method of hijacking it?
Both women were looking at me. Waiting to hear the results of that long thinking process. I stood, picked up the bottle of JD and marched up the steps and over to the cupboard I never need to open these days. It now contains the bits and pieces I keep in memory of my parents but not that bottle of Jack.
Isobel looked up to where I’d remained in the area above the lounge, commenting quietly, ‘If you think we need to keep clear heads you don’t believe it’s a hoax.’
I had all on not to snatch that bottle back and guzzle it in one go.
‘It isn’t bound to be a bad thing,’ she said hopefully.
Helen downed the last of her whiskey, relaxed back in the chair and closed her eyes. I thought I could read her mind. I believed then that she was stopping herself reacting to my sister’s naïve ‘save the planet’ claptrap