Quotes from the best novel I’ve read in years. This book is amusing with a serious message. These quotes are from the serious message aspect, but you could simply enjoy the story.

Answers from Alyce by Mistral Dawn

“The corporations that run our government find it more profitable to form monopolies, so people don’t have any choice beyond purchasing from them or not purchasing at all.”

I’ve been trying to remember what happened to the Monopolies Commission in the UK.

Next, Alyce is required to explain a dramatic setting to her abductor.

“Educated people are often portrayed in such propaganda as people who are cold, socially awkward, detached from and unsympathetic towards the problems of ‘real people’, and impractical.”

“This type of propaganda makes some people, mostly those who aren’t well-educated themselves, distrust education and those who have it. And it dissuades them from trying to educate themselves.”