Losers in Space (Episode 1: Genesis) by Scott Pixello

Possibly because I don’t usually read humorous books, I found this to have a slow start. I’m glad I stuck with it though. I smiled all the way through the biggest part of it, with many an out-loud laugh. I particularly enjoyed the style of conversation given the characters, along with comments on modern society which were accompanied by a deep level of comprehension.
From the outset, Pixello creates, in my experience, a unique scenario from which he builds a fascinating story. There’s even a big surprise at the end.
As with all good sci fi, philosophical questions are posed: what’s real and what isn’t? How did these non-astronauts come to be where they are? Where are the heading; and why? Why has something extraordinary happened to their life-cycles? I’m going to have to continue with the series to find the answers. It will be fun.