The Smile

“As a young mother she has one desire. One fight. And for that she discovers an inner strength she’d been unaware of owning.”

Abrin’s Wife knows no other life. Obedience to men, drudgery and severe punishments are, for the women of Kalvry’s Fort, normal. Obsequiousness to husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, is seemly. That is until the day she is kidnapped; snatched out of the centre of the fort, reeled up on a rope and flown away. From this time on she is known by the name her mother blessed her with: Faehan.

Here in the City, she acquires skills forbidden to her in the fort, has privileges she’d never hoped for and gradually comes to understand the injustices suffered by generations of women in the farming communities. While her new friends are hoping she will help them attain their liberal aims she has only one desire. She must rescue her children from their brutal father.

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