The Vinctalin Legacy ‘Logs’

Here on my website you can view another use for the multiple narrative device. This is in the ‘Logs’ written by the characters in my Vinctalin Legacy series (a fifteen-volume saga with one uniquely attached novel). The Vinctalin Legacy is a series of adventures told in five books, each with three volumes. Each book is a complete story with a beginning a middle and an end. All follow on to make one long story for those who like to get stuck into the lengthy Peter Hamilton type space operas. Book 1 begins the journey with an alien invasion, mystery, twists and of course, heroes. Book 2 sees the same heroes dealing with strange, jaded, high-handed rescuers. From there the story is taken out into galaxy. The associated novel The Vinctalin Legacy: Legacy has a unique attachment to the fifteen-book series. I can’t tell you much about that without spoiling it. Please excuse the landing page of this website. We’re trying to find the time to finish updating it because there will be a new book featuring there in February.