The War on Women

I had glossed over newspaper accounts of some brave Saudi Arabian women driving cars but it wasn’t until I read The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts that I realised just how misogynistically repressive the Saudi regime is.
There is no public transport in Saudi Arabia and women are forbidden from driving. Male and female segregation is enforced it is claimed, to protect women from corruption. It is also claimed that a woman’s ‘lack of capacity’ leaves her prey to her own lustful devices and thus is certain to ‘misbehave’.
The women-hating clergy of Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabis, view women as the embodiment of sin. They’ve had close ties with the Saud family for over two hundred years. They believe that women must be treated as minors and/or mentally defective.
The laws against women are upheld by the morality police (the Mutaween).
Details of the appalling results of these warped practices are in Chapter 4 of The War on Women. I recommend you read it.