The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts

No doubt there is nothing new in the misuse and abuse of women for the sex trade. Sex slaves, literally, feature throughout history in most cultures and are currently a major draw to ISIS recruits.
In The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts you can read her well-documented accounts of girls from the poorer parts of Europe believing they’re going to normal waitressing jobs in the west but ending up imprisoned and sold for sex.
And here we find legitimisation again. Girls who have escaped beatings, rape, being paraded naked, drugged and locked up, blame themselves. They have been made to believe they are stupid for trying to escape crippling poverty in their attempt to find a better life. They are afraid their parents won’t forgive them and are too ashamed to go home. Instead they go to refuges that are like prisons.
The men wait outside for when the girls get bored and leave. Then they pick them up to traffic them again. Why are these men not punished? Why are they free? Why are they not blamed? Condemned?