The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts

The War on Women

The mistreatment of girls in Ireland has become common knowledge. So common, in fact, that it’s easy to lose sight of their suffering. If this is something that concerns you you’ll find accurate personal accounts of this penned by Sue Lloyd Roberts in The War on Women. The abused girls, sometimes incarcerated for life, in the infamous Magdalene laundries were referred to as ‘whores’ droppings’ by those who should have been caring for them. The harsh regime designed to ‘depersonalise’ girls became a regular source of income for the church in Ireland. Did you know though, that slave labour of this kind was used throughout the UK too, at one time. My post here is a very mild account of the truth. I recommend you read Sue Lloyd Roberts’ book. Everyone should know what was done to those girls. How easy it is for a patriarchal society to make use of free labour when half their population is regarded as sub-human.