The War on Women

Review: The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts


This is the only book so far to earn my 5 stars.

It is honest, hard-hitting, shocking and justified.

Don’t be put off by the fact Sue Lloyd Roberts was unable to finish writing it herself.

This is a book to buy for your daughters before they go travelling, as well as to enhance their understanding of unequal pay in modern Britain. It is a book everyone should read.

All the main issues are covered by Sue Lloyd Roberts herself and are the finding of her personal investigations as a journalist. She covers tragic facts concerning FGM in Gambia, The Grandmothers of Argentina, the Irish laundries, the misogyny of Saudi Arabia where women are treated like defective children, brutal sex attacks on women protesting in Egypt, honour killings in Pakistan and gang rapes common in India. Plus, many more appalling injustices.

The details and personal experiences cited are harrowing. The long-term and generational effects of appalling abusive treatment are very clearly described. Please read this book.