How does The Vinctalin Legacy series work?

At @SFW9 (which was amazing) a number of fans of our other books asked how The Vinctalin Legacy series works, since the covers indicate certain connections. So, explaining it here:
The Vinctalin Legacy is a 15 book series with one very special addition, The Vinctalin Legacy: Legacy. This has a unique attachment to the others.
Every volume of the 15 book alien invasion/space series, is a complete stand-alone story (with a brief ‘what’s happened so far’ for those wanting to follow the long story). Each group of 3 with the same covers and covering title (ie The Vinctalin Legacy, Survival) has a complete story incorporating the individual story-lines and can be read as a set with a beginning, middle and end.
Or you can start at The Vinctalin Legacy, Survival, Book 1 Harvest and enjoy all 15 in the long story.
Also, each has a Prologue and Epilogue, telling mostly what is happening with the mysterious enemies/attackers of Earth.
Each book, each group of three, and the end in the series, as well as the distinctive Legacy: Legacy, has fascinating revelations, fast-paced plot and big twists.
Is that clear?