The Vinctalin Legacy

The Vinctalin Legacy: Survival. Book 1 Harvest by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

What will you be doing tomorrow? Catching the 6.45 to Paddington? Taking the kids to school? Or will you wake up to a new world. One in which you find yourself threatening to slit the throat of a fellow inmate?

Discover the galaxy that is ruled by the Vinctalin. Lies, propaganda, forced addiction, slavery, culling and torture have been the rule for countless millennia. Earth has ripened and will no longer remain untouched. Except this time the Vinctalin have made an error.

In this complex and thrilling fifteen-part post-apocalyptic sf series enjoy an intriguing introduction to the unexpected heroes who will alter the course of galactic history.

The Vinctalin Legacy: Survival. Book 2 Sacrifice by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

In this dark hour the Earth needs a saviour. Only a few humans have survived the initial invasion and for the first time in the long history of the Vinctalin Tajats have fought back, even taking prisoner the fabulous humanoid agent of their cruellest tyranny: the Emperor, Pakow Lam Chenden.

The clandestine masters of the invaders unleash their fury on the slave armies who have failed them. While those vast battalions of Guards are being annihilated in vicious punitive attacks the valiant little amateur corps of English men and women embark on a final battle that should see the truth carried forward by an intrepid few.

The Vinctalin Legacy: Survival. Book 3 Spawning by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

It is not by accident or inefficiency that there always are a number of survivors of a Vinctalin harvest. And it is not only the Vinctalin who can make use of them.

Saved by Mettle, the remaining humans of the world are being gathered into a secure haven, but for what real purpose? Questions and resentment abound as the increasing population is forced to aid in the never-ending fight against the Vinctalin. But it is only at the release of the magnificent alien Emperor that Jonathan’s suspicions are confirmed and he begins to understand just how dirty the tactics of the Disciples have become.

The Vinctalin Legacy: Retaliation. Book 4 Infiltration by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

Eighteen months ago Earth was thriving. Now it is reduced to a deserted wilderness containing one oasis of frenetic activity: the town in England newly named Foundation. Earth’s valiant hero, Benjamin Stanzini, has sacrificed his all and lived long enough to see the survivors safe. At last he can let go, but while he’s in free-fall Earth’s leaders come to realise that their saviours are not all they claim to be.

The magnificent Emperor, one-time slave to the Vinctalin, joins forces with the Earth humans in the fight against the beasts. With growing trust the leaders of Earth’s tiny community are forced to re-evaluate old enemies as well as new-found allies.

 The Vinctalin Legacy: Retaliation. Book 5 Alliances by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

With their home world taken, their people being hunted down and a massive new challenge soon to take place, the Advanced Humans are close to defeat. But an injection of the fighting spirit of the primitives of Earth reignites their zeal.

While these courageous new combatants join forces with the Vinctalin’s only viable enemy, the peace-loving psychiatrist Dr. Alexander Byefield is left with what should be the positive task of rebuilding society on Earth. They are told that the Vinctalin don’t return to their harvested worlds, so how could they have guessed at the horrific fate awaiting Alex and their vulnerable partners?

The Vinctalin Legacy: Retaliation. Book 6 The Veekeren Element by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

The glorious Emperor, ex-slave to the Vinctalin, could prove to be their one enemy capable of destroying them. And he does not think small. Believing he has the means to save humanity, to say nothing of wreaking vengeance on his evil tormentors, Pakow Lam Fellen leads an attack on the Vinctalin Home World. Only the raving, traumatised psychiatrist can see the flaw in his plan, because only he has come to understand the nature of the beasts.

The retaliatory strike on the Vinctalin increases hugely in complexity and scale, and horror, as a simple surgical strike turns into a mass attack on a number of solar systems.

The Vinctalin Legacy: The Ovinka. Book 7 Zondex by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

He is a magnificent Emperor, a stupendous hero and a technical genius, and he is surfing on the crest of victory breaking on the ocean of freedom.

On their return to Earth, Pakow finds himself presiding over two new Emperors and vast battalions of displayed Guards, all of whom he needs for the construction of his Planetary Defence System. But these are powerful beings with ambitions of their own. When he discovers that one of the Emperors has chosen to emulate the beasts with a view to trading with them, Pakow deals with him, permanently, but not in time to prevent a great deal of suffering.

The Vinctalin Legacy: The Ovinka. Book 8 The Message by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

In an attempt to be accepted as Vinctalin, Zondex has sent a message deep into space, offering for trade the very items that could maintain world security. While Pakow leads his fleet in defence of Earth, Stanzi must take charge of the battle against Zondex’s remaining super-Guards who are trying to take over the world independently of their creator.

Meanwhile the inhabitants of Earth’s one functioning town have scattered in evacuation unaware of the danger of one small ship that slips though Pakow’s defences in search of a piece of technology with a value the custodians can hardly guess at.

The Vinctalin Legacy: The Ovinka. Book 9 Veekeren by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

So-called allies seem to be almost as much a threat to Earth’s alliance as the Vinctalin themselves. Secrets, lies and false histories have been the order of the day – for millennia. Who really runs the AHS Home World? What are they hiding? What is the truth regarding the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Pakow’s Guards? And what did Zan discover on that strange device, the Ovinka?

Determined to get the answers to these questions Jonathan hatches his most audacious plot yet. In the process he takes Veekenites and Vinctalites one step closer to understanding their origins, while Alex uncovers the truth about Veekerens.

The Vinctalin Legacy: 0.0015%. Book 10 Alien by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

Having fought off many Vinctalin attacks, vanquished them in their own domains, ousted the Veekerens from fraudulent power, and constructed a full and comprehensive Planetary Defence System, the United Citizens of Earth are ready to make plans for the future. They are barely into devising their outline manifestos ready for the very first post-invasion elections, when disaster strikes.

Astonishing revelations reveal one species of beings as more alien to Earth Humans than the grey beasts, while Alex encounters a new race of Vinctalin best described as halfway to human, who seem to proffer friendship.

The Vinctalin Legacy 0.0015%. Book 11 Integration by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

There are two new and mysterious races of Vinctalin on Earth.

While Pakow Lam Fellen launches a spectacular retaliatory attack on one group, the other covertly observes the scene of awesome vengeance.

When those conflicts finally are resolved, the United Citizens of Earth re-establish the scheme for integrating Vinctalites and Veekenites in one harmonious society.

Fate conspires against them in many forms ranging from a very real and horrific reason for that old Vinctalite taboo, through outrageous theories of treason, to an abominable, unthinkable religion.

The Vinctalin Legacy: 0.0015%. Book 12 0.00075% by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

For the first time ever Pakow sacrifices prudence in favour of the fervour of a quest.

And two entire worlds pay the price.

One is utterly destroyed while the other is saved by a spectacular long-shot scheme put into action by one man who no longer follows the old rules.

The Vinctalin Legacy: Awakening. Book 13 Covert Operations by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

Who is the enigmatic beauty worming her way into Alex’s life by caring for his son?

What is the true identity of Jacob’s old friend who seems to know more about his hallucinations than he does?

And who has the ability to revive the dead?

All these puzzles rest uneasily with the allies as Pakow begins a war the like of which this galaxy has never before seen.

The Vinctalin Legacy: Awakening. Book 14 Miss Kitty by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

They have heard so many stories now that the humans of Earth are understandably sceptical when told their ancestors did not in fact originate on this planet.

However, there is an unsettling ring of truth tying that claim to the notion that Jacob Stanzini is attracting a spectral being who may be merely an initial scout for a potentially annihilative incursion into this world.

The Vinctalin Legacy: Awakening. Book 15 Humanity by Vanda M Denton Buy paperback

This is not a story of chance but one of the legacy of a bio-engineer who made one colossal error.

When Halbolival created its own slave armies it failed to realise the nature of the source of the majority DNA utilised in that diabolical project. And it was ignorant of the existence of that same DNA in one planet harvested by its clan.

By bringing together the slaves created in its laboratories with the progeny of ancient settlers on Earth, Halbolival set the scene for the only creditable resistance to Vinctalin rule in the galaxy.

The Vinctalin Legacy: Legacy by Vanda and Tom Denton Buy paperback

Set five thousand years in the future, planet earth has become a sparsely populated, arid wilderness.

Most of the people have joined pacifist sects flying under the banner of heroes from the past who, they believe, fought off an alien invasion.

One of these peace-loving sects is at odds with the others, adhering to the belief that the terrible conditions endured on earth are a result of human negligence.

The remaining humans are an alliance of non-pacifist, non-believers who have been pushed to the desolate fringes of the habitable region.

Aggression turns to war with the sects uniting in defence of what has become a reasonably good life.

The dramatic climax reveals the truth of who was responsible for the apocalypse.