Woemn’s Rights

For an accurate account of The Grandmothers of Argentina read Chapter 2 of The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts. This is the story of the ‘dirty wars’ and their aftermath. Their plight began when General Videla’s successful military coup ousted the socialist government of Argentina. He had ‘socialist subversives’ taken away. They were never seen again. Their mothers, who previously had no interest in politics began demonstrating for their ‘disappeared’ adult children. It emerged that young women who’d been pregnant at the time, were kept until they gave birth. After that they were killed. These were the notorious ‘death flights’ in which the new mothers were drugged and thrown out of planes over the seas. Their infants were given to couples loyal to the dictator. The demonstrating mothers discovered they’d became grandmothers, they became more organised and now seek their grandchildren. Do you know if anyone was ever prosecuted for these crimes?