Women’s Rights

With reference to The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts, a book I can’t recommend highly enough.

The laundries of Ireland have been well documented and should never be forgotten. They operated from 1767 to 1996, during which time tens of thousands of girls were sent to them by priests and embarrassed families. 160 names of former ‘workers’ at High Park Magdelene Laundry and Drumcondra are engraved into a giant headstone. One woman had been kept in the laundry for 56 years. In another case in the 1990s nuns sold off a piece of land in which the remains of 150 bodies were dug up.
Both in England and Ireland ‘fallen women’ (including those made pregnant through incest and rape) were sent to laundries where rich men were made richer through their slave labour. There was never any acknowledgement of the sins of the men.