Women’s Rights

In The War on Women, Sue Lloyd Roberts reports 1,000 honour killings per year in Pakistan. Note that figure: one thousand.
Here is one example in brief: a fourteen year-old girl wanted to marry a boy, but her father said she must marry his 45 year-old cousin because there was a handsome dowry to be had and they could keep the money in the family.
Because she refused her father killed her and he committed the murder in public, as a warning to her sisters. Then he cut off her hands.
Tribal law meant he faced no punishment as the right to waive is given to the family. Legitimization in Pakistani society makes this acceptable to most women and the rest is achieved through brutality.
It was knowledge of misogyny, the subjugation of women and the legitimisation process that inspired me to write The Smile. A work I finished, incidentally, some time before I discovered Sue Lloyd Robert’s book.